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Awarded 2007's Top 100 Surgeons.  We specialize in you, with Frederickburgs' only dedicated lasik facility!

Our doctors at Access Eye Centers are proud to have been named one of Laser-Vision 2007 TOP 100 Surgeons for achieving excellence in refractive surgery.  This award honors leading Laser-Vision Refractive Surgeons who are dedicated to improving lives through better vision.

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At Access Eye Centers, we offer a variety of technologies including iLASIK, Custom Vu e LASIK, Blade-Free LASIK, and PRK.  Our consultation is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and is free of charge.  It is offered to you at no charge so that you may be given the opportunity to make a well informed decision regarding your care.  We will discuss your lifestyle so that you will know how laser eye surgery can improve your life.

LASIK eye surgery has brought happiness and freedom from glasses and contact lenses to millions of people.  The vast majority of LASIK patients are very satisfied with the results and would recommend their friends to have the procedure.  We have developed safety standards and indicators for all aspects of care and service, contributing outstanding surgical results for our patients.  Quality assurance and improvements are a way of life at Access Eye Centers, continuously improving processes to provide patients with a high quality experience and the best possible surgical outcomes.

LASIK is the blending of the most advanced technology.   The first step is the IntraLase system creating the corneal flap.  Using tiny-rapid pulses of the IntraLase* Femtosecond laser light, a uniform level of microscopic bubbles form just below the corneal surface.  Gently separating the tissue where the bubbles have formed the surgeon can fold this tissue back to form a micro-thin corneal flap.  Because this method has a lower tissue requirement, patients who were not a candidate for LASIK before now may be treated with this advanced technology.  The last step is the actual laser vision correction treatment individualized for you using the readings from the Wavescan tests.

Come visit Fredericksburg's only dedicated LASIK facility.  Our free consultation will demonstrate what Access Eye Centers offers and what makes us so different from everyone else.  Then you can see for yourself and decide what is best for you.  Care Credit patient plans available or use your flex spending account.

Having LASIK may be the best decision you will ever make! For a free consultation, call today!

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